Friday, October 10, 2008

creating my own video booktalks

Maybe I could videotape myself giving one of Scholastic's booktalks or a booktalk I have adapted from Scholastic's booktalk. Again what about copyright?? On Scholastic's website they make it very clear that we are being given permission to use these booktalks in "a live verbal presentation". So I would not be allowed to videotape my booktalk. I would have to contact Scholastic and get permission from them in order to videotape a booktalk. (I don't know if they would give permission or not.)


STOCKER said...

Many commercial and educational sites are VERY clear about copyright. I found one site that even gave permissible alternatives in using their images if you did not want to buy. Interesting. Doreen

Mrs. Templeton said...

I would be interested to hear Scholastic's response to your request. One would think that in the digital age your request isn't unreasonable. I could see if you were doing it for profit, but considering the intent is to help your students, it seems like a fair and beneficial thing to do.

Jessica Modrzejewski said...

Nice job pointing that out -- you have a great blog going! I am very impressed with your updates. Nice work!