Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Hi, everyone! Welcome to my blog for our class assignment about copyrights. I decided to think about when I become a librarian and how copyrights would affect me in my job. I specifically want to focus on booktalks because booktalks are a great way to get students excited about reading. I want to explore how copyright laws will affect the booktalks I envision doing for my students.

First I decided to search on the web about booktalks. On Scholastic's website I found out that they have already created booktalks for some books. Using their booktalks sounds like a great way to get started with booktalks. Wait a minute though. What about copyrights?? On their web page above the list of booktalks Scholastic says "You are free to use these booktalks in a live verbal presentation without express permission or acknowledgement. You may either quote them word for word, or excerpt or adapt them any way you like. Be creative - make these booktalks your own and add them to your repertoire!" Wow, I don't even have to mention that the booktalk is from Scholastic. I can make any changes I want to with the book talk or repeat it word-for-word. Don't we wish all copyright questions were this easy.


Cathie Ruble said...

That is great news. I love booktalks and plan on having them with my students too. I will have to add this site to my favorites. Thanks for the info.


Brandi W. said...

Thanks for providing the link. This is a great resource for those who do not have time to make their own booktalks. They can also be used to accompany books that we have already read and want to talk about. It is also interesting to know that the talks can be used without any sort of citations.